Kiss’n’Drop Operation

Still unsure of how Kiss’n’Drop works? Here’s a graphic to better explain it.

Kiss and Drop Linsley St 2016 V2

From Term 2 we are asking each class to ‘own’ a week of the Kiss’n’Drop to help continue the smooth operation each morning and afternoon.

We have worked with your Class Parents to create a timetable. This will show you when your children’s class(es) will be scheduled for K’n’D duty.

Please help your class parent by being available to help, either before or after school. And it’s great way to meet other parents and kids from Gladesville Public School!

For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

5G25/04/2016Emma Paxton
5L2/05/2016Chantal Hawkins
6E9/05/2016Janine Ligato + Kate Westwood
6R16/05/2016Ranika Dawson + Janet Parker Smith
4H23/05/2016Tracey Velo
4P30/05/2016Vanessa Wegner + Nikola Bonney
4/5R6/06/2016Ali Andrews
3F13/06/2016Janine Ligato
3K20/06/2016Bianca Hayes
3S27/06/2016Karen Johnston
2M18/07/2016Elizabeth Shelley
2J25/07/2016Linda Stephens
2H1/08/2016Karen Turley
2C8/08/2016Simone Millauro
1B15/08/2016Heather Brodie + Tania Cornish
1F22/08/2016Feryal Trofa
1P29/08/2016Lisa Edwards + Karen Johnston
KCS5/09/2016Simone Simpkins
KE12/09/2016Ingrid Bezak
KM19/09/2016Blanca Martin
KW10/10/2016Simone Dixon
5G17/10/2016Emma Paxton
5L24/10/2016Chantal Hawkins
6E31/10/2016Janine Ligato + Kate Westwood
4H14/11/2016Tracey Velo
6R17/11/2016Ranika Dawson + Janet Parker Smith
4P21/11/2016Vanessa Wegner + Nikola Bonney
4/5R28/11/2016Ali Andrews
3F5/12/2016Janine Ligato
3K12/12/2016Bianca Hayes