Committee Job Descriptions

Committee Job Descriptions

Role of the President

The President is responsible for:

  • the successful functioning of the association
  • ensuring that the P & C takes part in decision making processes in the school
  • fostering fair participation of members and ensuring all new members feel welcome
  • setting up lines of communication with the Principal
  • acting as the P & C spokesperson when public statements or actions are taken ie at Orientation day for the new kindergarten families in November and Presentation Day for the outgoing year 6 students in December
  • being a signatory on the associations bank accounts
  • chairing meetings. In the absence of the President, the Vice President takes this role

The President does not make unilateral decisions and should be mindful that public statements accurately  represent the views of the association.


Role of the Vice PresidentVice President

  • To fulfil the duties of the President in his/her absence, in particular with regard chairing the meetings.
  • To support committee and sub-committee coordinators, particularly events/fundraising. This would include practical assistance particularly with the major event.


Role of the Secretary

The secretary is required to:

  • Prepare, in consultation with the President, all meeting agendas.
  • Approximately 2 weeks prior to meetings, send out a request for agenda items to all contacts in the ‘minutes’ email group. Requested items to be submitted with a brief explanation/outline  a minimum of 5 days prior to the meeting.
  • Post the agenda on the website 5 days prior to the meeting. Notify the Principal that it is posted/send copy to the Principal
  • Attend every meeting and take notes of the discussion in order to produce a set of minutes for subsequent distribution to members. In the absence of the secretary another member may take the minutes. Minutes to be sent to President and Principal for approval prior to posting on the website.
  • Send out notice to all contacts in ‘minutes’ email group that minutes are posted on the website(this may coincide with  request for agenda items by the due date for the next meeting).
  • Save a copy of the minutes to the laptop. Back up the lap top to the remote hard drive every few months.
  • Receive and table incoming correspondence
  • Write and despatch outgoing correspondence
  • Maintain official records such as Rules of the Association, incorporated certificate, ABN details, list of financial(voting) members, minutes, attendance book and correspondence.
  • Following the AGM, audited accounts and names of committee members, with contact details, to be submitted to the Federation of P & Cs.


Role of the Treasurer

Whilst all P & C members should be mindful of complying with financial accountability requirements, this is the Treasurer’s primary role. The Treasurer receives and deposits money, maintains records, draws cheques and presents accounts. The Treasurer presents a report in the form of an income and expenditure statement together with a reconciled bank statement for each P & C meeting.

The Treasurer should encourage members to understand the state of the P & C finances and to ask questions about what they don’t understand.

The Treasurer must ensure a cash book or books are kept, recording all financial transactions of the P & C.

The Treasurer, together with the Executive Committee, compares budget estimates with actual income and expenditure levels at regular intervals throughout the year. This allows the Treasurer to recommend changes to the budget so that it more accurately reflects the real financial situation of the organisation, and amend fundraising and expenditure accordingly.

The financial accounts of the P & C must be submitted to an independent audit each year. The Treasurer produces a full statement of financial position declaring all funds held in the name of the association.After completion of the audit the financial statements are to be presented ton to the AGM for approval and adoption. The AGM is usually held in February.

The auditor is appointed at the AGM and must not be an office bearer of the association  have any conflict of interest arising from a personal or business relationship with an office bearer of the association. The Treasurer should ensure that copies of the audited accounts are forwarded to the Federation of P & Cs within one month of the AGM.

Admin/communication Secretary

  • To update and maintain the website. This is a technical role, and involves keeping the technology/programming/back up etc up to date. Also includes ensuring out of date files/pages are removed, hosting/domain paid
  • Provide practical assistance to committee members/parents with the posting of noticeboard messages and creating new documents for P & C use ie create new pages for minutes/agendas, make old stored files/pages available, published and public for use and then remove again ie pudding lane order form, pet show entry form, meet the teachers note etc
  • IT support for committee members and class parents re website and gmail
  • To maintain the P & C mailing lists, including adding all new kindergarten families and updating contact details of existing families with information from the “Meet the Teachers’ note at the start of the year.
  • Regularly check the gmail for messages re change of contact details from P & C members/parents and updating and responding to emails from committee members and class parents
  • Prepare and distribute the Newsletter to all members in the ‘newsletter’ contact group. This would require communication with President and other committee members for items to be included.  Would also be required to send the newsletter to the President and school Principal for approval prior to distribution.
  • Notification to parents of minutes/agenda etc availability (to be coordinated with the minutes secretary)
  • Adding extra items, links etc as required

Fundraising Committee

  • Responsible for collecting fundraising ideas and options, distilling these to a limited number and presenting the preferred
  • options to the P&C general meetings as required.
  • To formalise the procedures used in running various fund raising activities to assist in consistency as members of the sub-committee change.
  • To facilitate 1 major fund raising event and between 2 and 4 drives or minor events each year, as necessary to meet targets agreed
  • by the P&C.
  • To coordinate class lunches and/or morning teas throughout theschool calendar year.
  • To coordinate miscellaneous BBQs and other minor events as required by the school or community.